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Longest week ever?!

Wow, for a short work week (for many of us), was it just me or did it feel like forever?!

The weather was beautiful most the week with crisp, frosty starts and beautiful blue skies.  I began to wonder whether the temperatures had partially frozen time too, since despite having a busy week, it went soooo slowly.


I was lucky to have had time off during the festive period so I hardly knew what the day was, leave alone the actual date. The return-to-work morning my son decided he was going to be up most the night (…seriously, he’s five now – do they ever grow out of this?!)  Needless to say not much sleep was had which is exactly what you need when you’re faced with the first day back to work after being off.  My brain spent most the day re-booting and searching for memories about what happened ‘last year’ which were sandwiched between the turkey and chocolate mush which had become my brain.

Being off work had also thrown me well and truly out of routine and I had found myself going to bed later and later… not a great plan when you have a little person alarm clock which arrives to wake you every morning at around 6am.
Combine this with the type of person who requires at least 8 hours sleep a night (me) and it becomes a problem.

In my ‘old’ life, BC (before a child); I’d catch up on sleep at the weekend, but as any parent reading this will know, that isn’t an option.  Children don’t know the difference between weekdays and weekends, to them everyday is just a day.  They don’t understand the un-said grown-up rule that weekends are for leisurely lie-ins, perhaps breakfast in bed followed by another snooze.  However, they do seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to sleeping in when you absolutely must all get out of the house early.  An incredible talent…

Despite the lack of sleep and the short week which felt like a month, it’s been a cracking start to 2017.  Here are some of my achievements:

  1. No bodily harm was caused to any person during the course of the week despite my distinct lack of sleep
  2. My son’s birthday weekend went off without a hitch ( if you exclude the fact he was so excited that he was up at 2:30am and barely went back to sleep…)
  3. I’ve made time to read and am over halfway through my book which I started on Boxing Day
  4. I’ve stepped my level of organisation up a notch and am feeling like Superwoman!
  5. I’ve walked over 65k steps this week (I have a desk job, so it’s harder than it might sound!)

Final thought: Was your week good or bad?  If you think it was bad, was it really bad, or where there just a few moments in a couple of days which clouded the great things that happened? Can you write 5 (or more!) things you achieved?



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