Day-to-Day Life Stuff


andrelaxbreatheThings are starting to get back to normal after the disruption of Christmas, New Year and my son’s 5th Birthday.  When Monday arrived I looked forward to a regular week, which wouldn’t include:

  • Present ideas to think of
  • Last minute online shopping
  • Playing fridge Tetris trying to ram food in
  • Birthday cake making
  • Present wrapping


My son however appears to have set himlovenotsleepingsaidnooneself a new goal: waking up at 5am every.  flipping.  day. Oh the joys.

I don’t know about you, but even as a parent I believe 5am should not be seen and definitely not heard.  The only time 5am, or any of its friends (4am, 3am etc) is almost acceptable to be witnessed, is if you’re going on holiday (and even then it’s debatable).

The dog was getting his morning walk earlier and earlier, and there were several instances of dropping my mobile in goodness knows what, as I used it as a torch to work out exactly where he’d done his business in order to pick it up.  My energy and patience levels were decreasing resulting in my Mary Poppins nature becoming more like Cruella DeVil.

When sleep is at a premium and you’re counting down theyoucantpourfromanemptycup
hours until bedtime each day, I’ve learnt that more than ever it’s time to put yourself first, and here’s why. There’s a reason they say on aircraft safety briefings to put your mask on before helping others, and it’s because once you’re safe you can help many others without endangering yourself. Likewise, you can’t pour from an empty cup or drive anywhere on an empty fuel tank, so self-care is super important.  Here are some of my tips for streamlining your life when an early night(s) are needed:

  1. Re-prioritise your priorities!  Is it an urgent must do, or can it wait for a day or two?  Housework can always wait. I promise…unless you’re being visited by rodents…
  2. Delegate – not one I use much as there isn’t always someone to delegate to!  However, I’ve started trying it out on my 5-year-old and almosteverythingwillworkagainit’s a win win; he’s loving the responsibility.
  3. Ditch the made-from-scratch meals!  My son happily had beans on toast the other night. And you can hardly tell the difference between home-made and store-bought ready prepped mash potato etc. which you can blast in the microwave.
  4. Make yourself packed lunches?  If you can afford to, buy it instead for a couple days.  It’s not being lazy and it’s only temporay to give you a little respite.
  5. Set an alarm on your mobile to start heading to bed an hour before you want to actually be asleep.  Too much to do?  Refer to tip 1!
  6. Do something for you to relax your mind before bed, be it reading, having a bath or a nightcap with a Newspaper/Magazine.  Give yourself time to unwind and reflect.

Final thought: Are your urgent things really urgent, or could they wait so you can use the time to re-fill your cup..?



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