New Month Eve

January’s New Month Eve!

Happy New Month Eve!

Yes, I’ve just made up a new concept!  Why wait for the end of the year to reflect on and/or celebrate all the things that have happened?  In fact, when it gets to that time of the year, especially on not so good years, there’s a tendency to only recall the not so great things that have happened.  So instead I’m going to look back on each month so that I can see what I’ve achieved and think about the month ahead.  Also, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan in some fun and relaxing so life is not just all go all the time – pretty good idea right?

January’s achievements:

  • My son’s 5th birthday weekend went off januarywithout a hitch.  No children were lost, harmed or without a party bag.  And I baked (not one, but two) birthday cakes and they were both delicious.  Result.
  • I sorted out my car insurance and MOT in advance of either of them expiring.  I’m normally an on the day kinda gal!
  • I finally finished knitting the Beret I’ve started three times since Christmas!
  • I finished a book and am very close to finishing another.  BC (before child) I’d finish one a week.  These days I’m doing well if I finish one a month!
  • I started this blog and have published, including this one, five posts.  I’ve even had a couple of likes 🙂  Thank you to anyone reading my posts xo.
  • I used a gift voucher I got given in August and booked myself in for a much needed massage. Self-care taken care of in January.

You’ll see from my list that not all achievements have to be grand, exciting things.  If you feel proud and satisfied about something you’ve done, then it’s bloomin’ well an achievement.  If anyone reading this things they haven’t achieved anything, I urge you to think again.  Some days, for some people, getting out of bed or out the house is an achievement.  If you found time for breakfast when you don’t usually, or made it somewhere on time when you’re usually late – they are all achievements.
Now January is in the bag, I’m setting my sights on February – I’m going to make every 28 of those days count!

February’s to do list:

  • februaryLaunch my Life – With a Slice of Cake Pinterest board
  • Publish another four blog posts
  • Go out on a date with my husband for Valentine’s Day (this is already booked in, so finger’s crossed. We don’t have a good track record with Date Nights actually going ahead!)
  • Walk 280,000 steps
  • Start a new knitting project.
  • Take my son to a particular Aventure Park he’s been desperate to go to for over a year.
  • Start and finish another book.

Final thought: Can I tempt you to join in on my New Month Eve concept?!  What does your list look like for January and what will you get up to in February?  Whatever it is, make it fun and remember to look after you.



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