Mind Matters

Make everyday a good day

signsofspringSome days you just wake up and know it’s going to be a good day – do you know what I mean?  You somehow feel lighter, there’s a bounce in your step and you’re ready, ready to make the day count. The mornings are getting lighter here in the UK and there are signs all round that Spring is approaching.  Yay!

Each day for me starts pretty much the same; I’m woken by my son, I remove myself from bed (often in a daze), wash, apply make-up, dress and walk the dog.  Despite the sometimes unwelcome early start, I’m rewarded daily with the peace and harmony of a world waking up.  I love watching the day unfold, as the sun rises (whether we can see it or not!), it’s the sign of another day beginning.  A day full of new opportunities, possibilities glasshalffulland choices.  When you think of each day in that way you realise how lucky we are.  OK, so not every day is plain sailing or without its challenges, but it’s how we approach those days that makes the difference between a good and a bad day.  Making a slight adjustment to how we think can make a massive difference to not only our day, but our lives.  It’s the whole glass half full or half empty philosophy.  I used to be pessimistic, but I’ve worked hard on re-training my brain and I would say now I’m an optimist :-).  That said, if I’m tired I do tend to revert to being a pessimist, so I have to watch that!  There also is a fine line between being an optimist and being unrealistic, so I make sure I keep it real too.

optimistSo how do I do it?  It’s all about re-framing your thoughts.  For me, before I react to a situation I pause and ignore my automatic knee-jerk response (which, by the way is sometimes negative!).  During the pause I try to find something positive about the situation, or a way to move forward in a positive way.  A simple switch out of words can make a big difference, eg challenges can be opportunities.

Ugh, it’s raining, cold and horrible today > Pause > It’s raining, never mind, we need rain to fill the reservoirs and help things grow.  I can still do most of what I need to do, I’ll just need an umbrella!

Something has gone wrong at work, it’s a nightmare – who caused it?  This is a complete disaster. Pause > OK, let’s just take a moment to work this through.  Who do we need to help fix this?

einstein-inthemiddleofdifficultyI’ve used very simple examples, but hopefully you’ll get the jist of what I mean.

Final thought: Our minds are so powerful, why use that power in anything other than a positive way?  Minds will give out what we put in.  Feed your mind positively by surrounding yourself in positivity – I reckon you’ll notice the difference.



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