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Soothing your soul

closeyoureyessetyoufreeOne of the things I turn to when I’m having an ‘off‘ day is music.  Music soothes my soul.  It’s my therapy.  I don’t just hear some tracks, I feel them.  I connect with them on some level – be it positive or negative, it awakens something inside me that only music can unlock.  It’s those kind of tracks I can play on loop and never get bored of them.  Jeez, do I sound like a loon?!  I hope not…

On days where I’m feeling a bit, well, meh, I like to drown the thoughts in my mind out with my ultimate upbeat favourite songs.  I have a ‘get up and go’ playlist of songs which give me a buzz; you know the type – they come on the radio and you can’t help tapping your foot, doing a sneaky jig and randomly blurting out random lyrics?!  Or maybe that’s just me…

wherewordsfailmusicspeaksThere’s something about playing your favourite songs at full volume or singing along at the top of your voice. Even if I’m having a good day, music can make it an even better day.

I wouldn’t say I came from a particularly musical family, but listening to music has always been in my life.  My dad plays the piano by ear and I played the Clarinet for years growing up.  When I started drafting this post, I had flashbacks to moments in my early teens where I’d spend hours listening to cassettes with my dad’s massive white headphones on.  I’d go to bed listening to my personal cassette player and would often sing into my pillow.  It’s not like I’ve ever wanted to be a popstar or write songs, there’s just something about music that captivates me and takes me to a different place.  Somewhere I can lose myself, or maybe it’s where I find myself…Now there’s an interesting thought.

musicstrongestmagicRegardless of whether you’re passionate about music, you can’t deny it has a certain power – there aren’t many things that can instantly catapult you back to a specific date in time to a memory (good or bad).  Then there’s the role music plays in films and TV shows; a scene can feel a whole lot scarier with intense music.  Watching the same scene on mute or with the Benny Hill theme tune playing would likely make your heart race less!


Final thought: What soothes your soul?  If you don’t have an answer, then maybe, just maybe, it could be something that is missing from your life.  It doesn’t have to be music, that’s just something that works for me.  It can be anything that helps distract you and take you away from how you’re feeling.  Something you can turn to on a bad day knowing it will make you feel comforted and allow you time to gain some perspective and find your way back to your ‘happy’ self.  Have a think.



3 thoughts on “Soothing your soul

  1. Do I have a problem if my fondness of heavy metal is the only music that calms my soul?
    It’s much like a fast car the music, my screaming soul demands attention so I throw it into the back of this car and travel sub-light speeds.
    Once an unknown destination is reached my soul is content and surprisingly quiet.
    The calmness surrounds me like a warm blanket during a frosty night.


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