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Getting lost in books

readingforcesquietI love books; similar to how I described listening to music in a previous post, Soothing your Soul, reading is another way of transporting myself out of my chaotic world and finding a sense of calm. Somewhere you can just be and escape from your own reality.  A safe place.  A santuary.
What better way of distracting yourself from your own life, but to be a fly on the wall of someone elses’ (fictional) life?!  I love nothing better than to finish off a long day snuggled up in bed with my latest book ‘family’!  Really great books leave me wondering what the characters are up to long after I’ve read the last page – is that weird?!  When I read, I don’t just read, I see everything in my imagination.  I watch the story unfold and find myself being part of it.  There are characters I want to be, ones I want to be friends with and others I learn so much from and who inspire and motivate me.

weloseourselvesinbooksGrowing up I was rarely seen without a book.  As I got older and life got busier, without really noticing reading gradually disappeared from my life.  After I had my son, I didn’t pick up a book for probably nearly two years.  Over time I began to become less and less content with my life.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, so when I started to re-evaluate my life a couple years ago, I realised it was no wonder I was no longer content.  I’d unconsciously stopped doing the few things I enjoyed.  I remembered how much I loved to read and how I could lose myself in a book.
In 2016 I joined GoodReads where amongst other things,you can log how many books you’ve read and ones to read.  I set myself a target of books to read by the end of the year with the Reading Challenge to encourage me to make time for reading.

Now, despite having shelf fulls of unread books, reading an actual book doesn’t fit into my lifestyle any more.  My life has changed, but my love (and need) for reading hasn’t.  When I started reading again, I converted to a Kindle (Sssh!) – something I never thought I’d do!  I love having essentially an entire library at my fingertips, although the downside is it takes me ages to settle on which book to read next!

magicalbookhappenningI was going to share my favourite books, but as any book lover will know there are just way too many! Instead I thought I’d share the books I enjoyed the most in 2016.

A Christmas to Remember – Jenny Hale
Summer, with Love – Sarah Morgan
7th Heaven (Women’s Murder Club, #7) – James Patterson
Irresistibly Yours (Oxford, #1) – Lauren Layne
Not Quite Dating (Not Quite, #1) – Catherine Bybee

Final thought:  Rewind 10 years – is there something which has gradually disappeared from your life which you used to enjoy doing?  I challenge you to find a way of injecting it back into your life again.



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