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Hit pause on life

HitPauseDo you ever wish you could hit pause on life?  Maybe to simply enjoy a moment a little longer, or to gather your thoughts before responding to a person or a situation.  There are several computer functions I wish we had as humans! Wouldn’t it be great if we had an ‘undo’ or ‘restart’ button?  As I sit typing this post, it’s occurred to me that actually, we do have the ability to pause, undo and restart.
One of the things I’m trying very hard to do more of is live in the present.  Like many of us, I have a tendency to look at my mobile as I’m watching the TV or eating food. WhereverYouAreBeThereNow, I’m all for multi-tasking, but try as you might you cannot be 100% focussed on multiple things at the same time.  Honest!  And this is what I mean about being present.  Being fully in each moment of life as it happens.  Through zoning everything out and really experiencing the present as it unfolds in front of you is almost like pausing.

As the years tick by and our lives get busier it becomes more difficult to live in the present.  I often find myself worrying about something I need to do later that day, the following day, week or even month.  The same can be said of thinking about the past. I spend time thinking about conversations I’ve had, the things I did or didn’t say.  Doing this takes my focus away from the point of time I’m currently experiencing.  PracticeThePauseIt interrupts my thoughts and takes over.  I become distracted and sometimes cranky whilst i try to work it through in my head.  I’ve become more conscious of this now, so I’m able to recognise when I’m doing it, hit ‘pause’ and get back to the moment I’m in.  I make a mental note of what I’m thinking about and go back to it when I want to, rather than it interrupting my focus.

Now don’t get me wrong; there is a degree of thinking about the future which we need to do in order to get things done or achieve goals, but we just need to be careful about how much time we spend there.  The same goes from the past.  We can’t change what happened, there is no actual ‘undo’ function, but what we do have is the lessons we’ve learned from what we did and the opportunity to do it again, but differently in the future.

OnceSheStoppedRushingFinal thought: As for ‘restarting’.  Well we are blessed to have this opportunity daily.  We all have good and bad days, but regardless of what is going on in life, at the end of the day we can chalk it up to experience.  We can sleep and wake again the next day with the chance to live another day.  You only have one life – own it and live it your way, but in the present.


This post was inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Pause


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