I’m always filled with dread when I see an ‘About’ section!  It’s a bit like having to introduce yourself to a group of strangers when you’re on a course or suchlike. Anyway, for those who care, I figured I should give you a bit of a clue about who I am, so I’ve approached it like a questionnaire type thing…

Male or Female? Female
Age:  It’s rude to ask – I’m in my thirties, that’s all you’re getting!
Geographical location: South-West England
Married?  Yes
Children?  Yes, 2 if you include my husband
Pets? Yes, a crazy dog, a cat who thinks she’s a dog and a husband
Hobbies?  Writing, reading knitting (this is a new thing), baking, dog-walking
Starter or Dessert?  No choice here – always a Dessert over a Starter
Bath or Shower?  Shower.  I’m a mother; baths take too long and get interrupted!

So there you have it, a snippet of who I am.  I’m sure to give more than you’ll ever need to know about me away in my blog posts anyway!  If there’s anything else you’re interested in knowing (within reason!!), then ping me a message 🙂